1. My wife and myself visited the north of Chile last August and we had a great time.  First mini-vacation without the kids in 7 years…  

  2. Button shop owner, Linares, Chile  

  3. Chilean choreographer José Olavarría. Lit with one 650W fresnel and a cheap led sungun for the background.  

  4. The other day I got together with Camileazy who is one half the Chilean hip-hop duo “Zonora Point” and after a short meeting I took a couple of shots of one Chile´s finest MC´s.  It’s sometime fun to pretend to be a professional editorial photographer. 

    Check them out at their website:  www.zonorapoint.com

  5. Punta Delgada, Chile

    Sometimes you just have to snap a photo in order to capture that moment you will probably never experience again. This is one of the few places in Chile where the sun rises from the ocean. I’m used to seeing the sun rise over the Andes Mountains, so this was nice. 

  6. Today my good friend DJ Raff who is half of the Chilean electronic duo RVSB will be playing at the Celebrate Brooklyn & LAMC show in Prospect Park.  Check out his website: www.ritmonauta.com

    Wish I was there….

  7. Firefighters, Punta Arenas, Chile,  July 6th, 2014

    I almost forgot that I took these shots last Saturday in Punta Arenas in my short walk-through.  Firefighters are volunteers in Chile and I was lucky to find these two gentlemen who had just finished participating in some ceremony. I went straight up to the two gentlemen and asked if I could take their photo.  I think they probably thought I was the official photographer of the event.

  8. Punta Arenas

    Sometimes I work as a videographer for institutional videos. I say sometimes, because it real isn´t a steady gig.  I´m also sometimes a production manager, editor, and director. Basically I do whatever I can get. “Beggars can’t be choosers” Lately I’ve been more of an editor, but this last weekend I was doing some camera work in the Southern Chilean Patagonia.   Now I´ve been fortunate to visit this area quite a few times, but I´ve never had a second to take any photos.  This time I had about 30 minutes in total to walk around the small windy city of Punta Arenas and get couple of shots.  These shots are really nothing special, but they got my attention and I like them a lot.

  9. Casa Olivari, May 26th, 2014, Santiago de Chile

    Every time I walk by an old shop I make an effort to stop and investigate.  Last Friday after a meeting in Santiago Center I decided to walk to the metro station (Santa Anna) that was a bit further, in order to get some much needed exercise.  When I arrived to Catedral Street I stopped and started to admire the old Congress building that was recently restored and then I turned to the other side of the street and noticed a group of older buildings that lacked some paint but were probably attractive structures back in the day. So I crossed the street and entered the only shop on the whole block; Casa Olivari, a fabric shop that has been around for over 75 years.

  10. Three Chilean Artists:

    Sebastián Maquieira, Tan Vargas y Mario Toral

  11. When I pass through the center of Santiago I always try to visit the “Gallerias Comerciales”, these are old style labyrinth like shopping centers that you find under old office buildings.  The Labyrinth quality of these “Gallerias” has always caught my attention, because you always discover remnants of what old Santiago once was.  “Fuenta de Soda Emmita” is just one of these places that has been serving excellent chicken salad red pepper sandwiches for over 38 years.

  12. Don Roberto sells dried fruit and nuts at a couple of markets throughout the city.  His stand caught my attention, because his products where so well presented to the public.

  13. Mario Larena in his mini-market in “Barrio Yungay”, Santiago de Chile, May 22nd, 2014.

  14. Center of Santiago, May 20th, 2014

  15. Walking and snapping photos in the center of Santiago before the rain falls. May 20th, 2014