1. Kid from Choshuenco, South of Chile, 2014

  2. Rio Grande, North of Chile

  4. Victoria Popelka taking a break from trekking…Cochamo, South of Chile

  5. Camping Site “Vista Hermosa”, Cochamo, Chile.  People and places you find after a grueling five hour trek.

  6. These are a second batch of photos from the “Patronato” neighborhood I took a couple of weeks ago.

  7. Walking through the “Patronato” neighborhood in Recoleta Santiago is always a lot of fun. It’s the only place I can find a half decent Kebab and some Korean noodles to go.  Patronato was originally an Arab community that has seen an influx of Korean owned shops take over and dominate this retail dominated area. 

  8. Empanadas Fritas, Barrio Yungay, Santiago de Chile

  9. Danier Yepes is a Colombian immigrant who makes a delicious tropical cold drink.

  10. Jose E. Navarrete, Yungay, Santiago, Chile

  11. Haappppy, Tunquen, Chile December 2013

  12. "Slicing the MC"

    Loki da Trixta is a world travelling MC straight out Brooklyn.  He visits Chile almost once a year, so this is usually my opportunity to pick his brain and catch up on New York City news.   www.youtube.com/datrixta

  13. Working when one should be sleeping.

  14. Cementerio General de Santiago, Recoleta

  15. The other day I was walking through “Plaza de Armas” in the center of Santiago and took some shots of a group of people who I imagine use their lunch hour to play chess.  I started taking some shot when a gentleman approached me and made it known that he didn´t appreciate my presence and that I shouldn´t take photos without the players consent.  So, rather than interrupt the chess player’s concentration and ask each player, I decided to put my camera away.   That day I didn´t feel like getting a beat down by a gang of chess enthusiast.  I plan on returning one day…..